Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks Guatemala Antigua Beans



For christmas I got a medium coffee as I knew my family would prefer a lighter roast!

I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it as much as I did. It was a nice change to the bolder, darker roasts I have been drinking. My family liked it too. I used my espresso machine and the french press to create a variety of drinks over the break that were  enjoyed by everyone.

I made lattes and cappuccinos for my family and it created a very smooth drink. It was also  really nice black and I could drink it easily all day – which I did drink when I made a whole french press just for me!

This year I really want to do a coffee subscription to broaden the range of coffees I try. I have found one that gives notes on the coffees they send, which would make it like wine tasting! But it has to wait until I’m in my own place 🙂

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