New Job – Fresh Start

With my new job I have decided it is not only a chance for a fresh start, but also a chance to break some not so good habits I developed in my previous jobs.

Eating Lunch at my Desk

This is the big one I want to break and see this as the ideal opportunity to break this on my first day. I will create a new habit by getting away from my desk and eating somewhere else. I also want to concentrate on my food and practice being mindful away from my computer.

Not Drinking Enough Water

This slips every so often so I want again get into a good habit right away. I plan on carrying water with me all the time to ensure I don’t get dehydrated. I have a nice bottle ready to go I bought back from Vancouver.

Limited Activity at Lunchtimes

With the longer commute I will be sat down for longer. It will also cause me to be tired more often than not, so I want to increase my activity at lunch. I have come to realise that a walk is sometimes not enough. i need to get my heart rate up to feel more awake and invigorated. This probably won’t start straight away as I need to see how things go and what is expected of me, but I’m going to work it in there.

Phone on Desk

I got into this habit while job hunting as I wanted to be able to answer my phone if anyone called. However I then started to check twitter or my blog and then felt guilty and unproductive. So my phone will be staying in my bag and only coming out before work, at lunch, and after work.

Casual Dressing

My last organisation was not a smart dressing one. Some people came in wearing short and t-shirts and jeans were normal attire. I really want to dress smartly and feel professional. This is part of my desire to recognise I deserve to dress myself well take care of myself in other ways (not with food). So this is going to become a big part of my day.

I start tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “New Job – Fresh Start

  1. Good luck tomorrow Angie!! I’ll be thinking of you! I hope the commute and the first day go fantastically 🙂

  2. Good luck for tomorrow Angie! I have managed to break the habit of staying at my desk at lunchtime. I need to focus on drinking more water and taking small breaks away from my screen now!

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