A Time of Reflection

The run up to Christmas is fun for me. I love the festive feelings and the crowds. Then there is Christmas itself – I find it a bit overwhelming. Having to be around lots of people for three days is slightly too much for me. So I look forward to the time between Christmas and New Year.

For me it is a time for reflection, hope and peace.

I like to spend this time alone after being around people for a few days. It is nice and quiet. I can be myself and not be afraid of myself. I can look back at the year gone with honesty. I made some good decisions and some bad decisions. But without every decision I would not be where I am today or heading where I am planned and where I don’t yet have planned.

My main disappointment with the last year is that I haven’t been myself. I have let my fears and insecurities cloud myself and my view of others. But my greatest strength this last year has been my resilience. I have kept moving forward even when I have felt myself slipping backwards.

If I set a resolution for 2013 it will be to be myself completely and this is my time to think and be aware of where I currently am in peace and quiet.

I’m not a new years person. I am perfectly content staying in with a movie and my favourite food of the moment. If I stay awake to midnight it is a bonus. I think that new years is also a time for reflection for me. It is the last 24 hours in the year to make a difference in your life, even if it is the smallest thing. I think for me I like to end the year peacefully and taking stock of the year just gone. The future is unknown and there is hope for all it could bring. It is a time where it is possible to look back and forward with a smile.

How do you spend this time of year?

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