Being Aware of Depression Eating

Food has always been a problem for me. There are times I wish I could just give it up like people do with cigarettes or alcohol. In the last few years I have become more and more aware of my binge eating problem and using food as a coping mechanism. It has been in the last few months though that I have realised that depression eating had taken over. I think depression eating goes beyond typical comfort eating and even binge eating for me. It was as though food was the only way I could feel anything.

After reading around the web I came across a great blog post from Bitch Cakes on depression eating, which laid it out clearly for me to identify with and made me aware that I was in denial. Sheryl goes through some fantastic tips on what helps her deal with depression eating that I am going to try and do:

  • Removing distractions is probably the hardest one for me as I often want to be distracted from my low thoughts. However I see the benefit in this and journally is a good way to structure my thoughts so they don’t drag me down.
  • Rest is a favourite of mine. I often find when I am really low I am also extremely tired and therefore just taking some time out to rest can be the best thing to bring me back up.
  • Getting active is my go to therapy. Using my body and feeling strong is a great pick me up and reenforces all the healthy habits I want to keep up.
  • Ask myself why I am doing what I am doing is another hard one when all seems lost and hopeless, but also a very important one to reminding myself I am enough and I am worth my attention.
  • Remind myself of my goals relates to the one above but I can get specific. It is a good time to reevaluate and look at the progress I have made and if there are any changes I need to make to move forward, especially if I’ve been feeling stuck.
  • Remind myself that food doesn’t have magical healing powers is one I had never thought of. This is something that stems from childhood I think – food makes everything better, when in reality it doesn’t. It can add to a moment or a celebration, but it doesn’t cure anything – even though I wish it would.
  • Rethink my environment (food and people) is a good one and one where significant changes can be made. It is also the hardest as it can be the one you ahve least control over, for example your family and work environments. However I have made changes to let go of people where we no longer benefit from each other. It’s hard int he short term, but in the longer term I feel better.
  • Ask myself what is keeping me where I am and how can I get to where I want to be, which is something I recently did when looking at what is keeping me at my current weight. It’s a way to be honest with yourself without judgement.

I was really glad I found Sheryl’s blog and love that she contributes to the Weight Watchers website in America. Developing the life I want to live is hard, but I know it will be worthwhile and will be constantly evolving.

Being away for a few days has helped me listen to myself, rather than let other people influence me with regards to food and hunger. I may not have eaten the best things all the time, but I haven’t eaten non stop like I would have done in the past. I have enjoyed what I have had and moved forward. This is what I want the future to be like.

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