Meal Planning Ahead

The meal planning worked!

I lost 1.4lbs this week while eating out for two Christmas meals and slipping a bit at the weekend. I tracked before I ate using Weight Watchers online and cooked from scratch where I could. It was an interesting week. Less stressful in one way as I had my meals planned out and didn’t have to think about them constantly. But also stressful as I wanted to rebel – I think this was the main reason for the slip at the weekend. But straight back to it.

I have meal planned for the week ahead (except Friday as I don’t know what I am doing yet):

I have also outlined my plan for the week after as I’m busy this weekend (The Hobbit!!) and then go straight up to Edinburgh 🙂

I think having one no-tracking day is important. It is not permission to binge and eat anything I want, but rather not be overly concerned about the points values or calories and just enjoy. I suppose it feels like re-learning what I like and what feels right in my body and trusting myself to make those decisions without having to know the points values. That doesn’t mean the points aren’t effective – they are! They keep my days in perspective. Basically I am thinking that most days use just the daily allowance and then use my weekly allowance on my no-track day. This is an idea in progress 🙂

I’ve been reading the adventures of Julia and Shauna over at Up And Running and their HAM plan (Happy And Mindful) for December. It is a fantastic idea and one I am going to incorporate into my way of life and am thinking of starting over Christmas. I really want to reduce the amount of snacks I have and focus on having  three meals a day. Meal planning definitely helps with this and planning eating around my exercise ensures I have sufficient energy to work hard and feel good.

I also exercised well this week, with a run session, 2 swims and 2 strength training sessions. It was hard as it has turned colder and leaving the house after work is not as appealing any more. The hardest part is getting changed. once I’m in my gym gear I’m good to go 🙂

This is the start of my new blog posting schedule. It’s not set in stone as I don’t want to feel under pressure to post on certain days, but I have set up reminders for the coming months for when I start the new job. I want to keep myself accountable and this blog allows me to do that 🙂

Anyone else using meal planning to structure their eating?

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2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Ahead

    1. Thanks Shauna!
      They were a random find at a National Trust shop. Super handy and pretty to keep on the side in full view 🙂
      I’m loving reading you HAM updates. It is all about balance I think.

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