Completed My Fall Frolicking

I feel now that we have entered December we are officially in winter. So I wanted to review my fall frolic list 🙂

  • Go to the Cinema to see:
    1. The Hobbit – in December
    2. Skyfall 30/10/12 – Loved!
    3. Looper 7/10/12 – excellent twist I didn’t see coming.
    4. Perks of Being a Wallflower 5/10/12 – really enjoyed and it made me cry.
  • Afternoons in a coffee shop– reading, blogging or just watching the world go by
  • Listen to classical music listened to the radio and LOTR soundtrack and planning on buying more classical music in the future
  • Find some inspirational poems – 25/9/12
  • Organise wardrobe 13/11/12
  • R-paint bedroom wall – nope, not even thought about
  • Make cupcakes10/11/12
  • Make bagels 10/10/12
  • Take a couple of duvet days
  • Study – not CIMA as I intended, but rather myself through CBT
  • Go on autumn walks and collect conkers – 4/10/12
  • Do the local Parkrun once a month
    • September 29th 35 minutes 25 seconds – hard
    • October 27th 35 Minutes 16 seconds – still hard
    • November 24th 34 minutes 38 seconds – enjoyed this one
    • Also did the Santa Run!
  • Read my vegetable garden book in preparation for house – got the book out, but no plan yet
  • Visit several National Trust Properties – didn’t get round this
  • Jump in leaves just for fun! 16/10/12

I’m happy with what I achieved and understand where things got left. I liked setting myself goals for over a longer period and then coming back and crossing them off. I do need goals to make progress and give myself a target to work towards. I will continue with monthly goals from now on.

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