Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks Christmas Blend 2012

December means I buy a bag of the Starbucks Christmas Blend and this year is no exception – except I bought two bags 🙂

I ran out of coffee on Thursday at work – I know! How did that happen? – so I had to pop into town and get coffee for my afternoon cup. I decided to get the Christmas Blend even though I had bought a bag of beans a week before. I got it ground for use right away, but I also bought a cup from the store for the walk back to work 😉

I normally prefer individual types of coffee over blends, but there is something about the Christmas Blend that works for me. It is quite a dark roast, which I like. The earthy tones comes out of it when brewed and makes it warm and it lingers in your mouth.

It is described as having layers of flavour and I would agree. The flavour changes as it cools down, which makes it an intriguing drink. I learnt when in Seattle that coffee often has a better flavour once it has cooled and now I leave my coffee to cool before drinking it and it is much nicer – works on most coffees, but not all.

I also love the packaging as it is festive and makes me happy it’s Christmas.

I bought this year’s Christmas mug last week as well as I love the red cup design this year 🙂

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