Things I’m Loving… Christmas Markets

I love this time of year as you’ve probably already guessed. As I am starting a new job in January I have been able to use up my holiday at my current job at my favourite time of year, which also means I have been able to visit some Christmas Markets!

Now I have been a to proper German Christmas Market in Cologne and the ones in the UK do not compare, but it is still super nice we get to experience them.

Last week I went to Bristol to visit my sister and at the big shopping centre they had this fantastic train going around.

I then went to the city centre and there was a Christmas market in the sheds. Of course there was the gluhwein and bratwurst stands.

Then lots of stalls.

And an ice rink – it was very early so no one was one it yet.

I wasn’t sure about the big fairy lights as the main decorations, but they might look better at night.

The today I went to the Bath Christmas Market, which has been running for a good few years. I loved it when I lived there for 6 months in 2008/9 and got to walk through it every night on my way home – super festive! It’s bigger this year too 🙂

Most of it is based around the Abbey.

I enjoyed some mulled wine in the afternoon – warmed up my hands too 🙂

I’m glad I got there in the morning as after lunch it was much busier, which is nice, but makes it harder to browse the stalls.

I am now feeling quite festive. I am off to my first Christmas do of the season with running club tonight and we care getting our tree tomorrow, so I’ll be decorating the house tomorrow evening 🙂

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