Adventures in Food and Tea… Brunch at Lahloo Pantry

I went Christmas shopping in Bristol on Friday and stopped in Clifton to go to the small independent shops. I then found Lahloo Pantry and decided to treat myself to brunch. It is small tea room with 3 staggered levels. It is nice and bright and also quiet. i was surprised they only had 4 small tables downstairs, but they did have a tea bar up stairs too. The shop was located in the tea bar and by the time I left it was very busy with the lunch crowd, so it wasn’t possible for me to take a good look at the tea, which was a shame.

I ordered the Baked free-range eggs, creme fraiche, Somerset chorizo, tomato and sourdough toast and it was amazing!

It came out super hot and smelled amazing. I spooned half the mixture out onto the toast as it wouldn’t have cooled down int he pot. This made it easier to access the rest of the dish. I am also going to tae this as inspiration and try and cook something similar at home. The flavours were amazing, but not overpowering. There was a nice amount of chorizo that complemented the eggs well. It was the perfect amount.

As I said this was a tea shop and it had a very extensive tea menu!

I took ages to decide but in the end went with a black tea called Grandpa’s and it came out in a cast iron tea pot already brewed. The teapot kept the tea hot so I made 2 half cups, rather than one big one. It came with cream and this was interesting. I have never had tea with cream so I added it carefully. I ended up having one cup with a little then one with a lot and the a lot was better.

I would love to try more of their teas, but it is not the most convenient place for me to get to. I would love to go to one of their tea tastings as I would love to learn more about tea and also try some different varieties I haven’t tried before. Maybe it will be a 2013 adventure.

Overall it was a very pleasant visit and I would recommend it to anyone heading to the Clifton area of Bristol.

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