Back to the Ki Fit

When my depression starting getting worse back at the end of September, I decided to have a break from the Ki Fit. I thought it had been much longer than 2 months, so I am happy I haven’t lost too much of my membership.

I was getting bogged down by information and numbers and it was stressing me out. I was not in the best place mentally to use the information constructively. It was overwhelming and disheartening when I didn’t feel I was making progress with my weight or fitness. I have since improved considerably and feel the progress I have made with my fitness levels. I feel ready to put it back on my arm and

I now have about 90 days left on my subscription and I want to use it well. I will use it in conjunction with Weight Watchers to get my diet into a sustainable way I can take forward after the 90 days.

My plan is to wear it all the time again, but ensure I take it off for at least an hour a day to give my arm a rest ( I tore a bit of skin off once, from not leaving the skin to breathe for long enough – it hurt). I may take it off at night if I get too bogged down in my sleep numbers. I have been sleeping much better recently without knowing, so it might be best to continue this.

I am not going to set any specific Ki Fit goals right now as I want to continue on the path I am on for a while yet as I’m enjoying it and pushing myself. I want to use it to track my food and compare to Weight Watchers to get a better understanding of my nutrition needs. I also think this will help of the Christmas period with the abundance of food available. I also want it to motivate me to get moving – so I might have a steps goal 😉

Part it is because I am paying for the subscription and I don’t want to waste it – frugal thinking!

Has anyone else used the Ki Fit (aka Body Media armband)? I’d love to hear about your experiences 🙂

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