I Am A Coffee Snob

I totally admit this and I want to relax a bit.

Coffee is expensive!

I saw this article in September and thought nothing of it, until I started working on my budget for when I move into my house and have to pay the mortgage!

I was looking at my spending over the last year and thinking about things I could cut down on so I have money to do spontaneous things with friends (I plan way too much – to the penny sometimes and it’s not healthy). Visiting coffee shops is at the top of that list, and then I thought about the coffee I buy for when I’m at home. At the moment I pick up any bag that takes my fancy, even if I don’t need coffee then and there. Sometimes I end up with a few bags waiting to be used. An extreme example is when I brought back 7 bags from my trip to Vancouver and Seattle at the start of the year – that was one bag for every week I was away!

So I want to make some changes and become less of a coffee snob. This doesn’t mean I’ll be switching to instant (the horror!), but it will mean I need to start being more concious of the coffee I am buying and limit it. This will take into consideration price and my knowledge of the types of coffee I like. I wouldn’t buy a bottle of Shiraz red wine, when I know I don’t like it, so why would I buy light roasted beans just to try. Part of it is because I like to blog about my adventures in coffee, so I go out of my way to find new ones to try. I can’t remember the last time I bought the same type of coffee twice in a row! Also I want to buy coffee from areas where the communities who produce the coffee are taken care of and paid the proper price for the goods. I’ll need to do research on this.

Part of me would like to cut down on my coffee consumption – I say this as I am about to start a job with a hour commute each way, where caffeine will be on a drip – but in the long run I want to reduce my overall coffee consumption. Currently I drink about three to four cups of coffee a day. I also drink tea and green tea, so I will be switching to drink more of these. My first aim will be to reduce to two cups a day and then maybe go down to just the one (a big maybe!). This will make the coffee I buy last longer and therefore save me money. I am thinking of keeping the not-really-instant instant coffee at work for those time when nothing else will cut it, rather than keep a jar of ground coffee at the office. I’ll then just have my proper coffee at home and when stopping in coffee shops (cutting back on too).I think this will make me switch to tea in the office.

After writing this I don’t think I will become any less of a coffee snob 🙂 but I will be open to alternatives. I will make sure I enjoy each cup of coffee I drink. I will drink it to enjoy the taste, not to get the caffeine fix (I’ll drink more tea for that!).

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