Adventures in Coffee… Galapagos Coffee

My parents rarely bring us presents back from their holidays (as they go on quite a few), but on from their trip to Peru in October they came home with coffee – my idea of a perfect gift (honestly if you are ever stuck for a present for me, get me coffee!)!

It came in a great box with all pictures of penguins and other things representative of the Galapagos Islands. I also love the description on the side of the box. It specifically mentions being shade grown and volcanic soil. I’m not an expert in how coffee is grown, but this has intrigued me so I plan to do some research. I’m hoping it’s a bit like wine, where the soil it is grown in affects the flavour.

My parents were served this coffee on their trip and were told they could buy it int he airport on the way home. They almost forgot, but another guest on their trip found it and reminded them – thank you!

My mum thought she had picked two boxes of beans, but one was ground, so we started on that and I’m keeping the beans for when I move into my house 🙂

It is a very earthy coffee. Full of flavour and quite bold. It is not the strongest coffee I’ve had, but it does have a kick to it. I’ve tried it in my coffee machine as an espresso and a latte. I’ve also tried it in the french press and there is quite a different. The earthy flavour and oils are left int he drink in the french press, giving quite a muddy drink compared to the espresso machine. My parents preferred the machine and I think so did I. I haven’t tried it in my filter cone yet, but I will give that a go at some point too.

Overall a nice different coffee to try – I always like exotic ones I can’t buy at home 🙂

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