Things I’m Loving… Lush Ocean Salt

 I bought this pot while I was in Canada and have just dug it out of my stuff (the downside of not unpacking from moving around) and I am so glad I did as it needs to be used by Christmas and my skin needs a good scrub during the winter!

I’m not the most regular user of facial or body scrubs, but I do feel a big difference in my skin when I use them. Swimming gives me quite dry skin normally and then add colder weather; it can be a nightmare.

So out comes the scrub!

I know I could probably make something with salt and oil from looking on Pinterest, but there is something about treating myself to a visit to Lush and to a pot of this blue scrub 🙂

I use it on my face only. I make sure my face is damp as it dissolves the salt a little to take the roughness away. I tried using it on my body, but taking it into the shower it just dissolved and floated away – I imagine it would work well if you were getting in a bath though.

I love the smell and the way it leaves my face feeling. I don’t like the salt taste I sometimes get if I get it on my lips (but that is because I hate the taste of salt in general). I also find it a bit rough, so that is why I make sure my face and hands are damp before using it.

I bought the small pot as I was travelling, but would get the larger pot next time as it would be better value. It stays in date for about a year, but I have gotten through the small pot in just over a month since getting it out in October.

For me it is the little things I can do for myself that can have a significant impact on the way I feel about myself. Taking the time and effort to take care of my skin is a way of showing myself I deserve to feel good 🙂

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