Adventures in Books… Shoot the Damn Dog

This book was both great to read and extremely hard to read. It was honest, funny and sad. It is a story of despair.

I started reading this book back in September and have only just finished it. I’ve had my own ups and downs over this time and this made it hard to read such an honest book about exactly what I’m going through (without the suicide attempts and alcoholism though, just to clear!).

The feelings Sally Brampton describes were so familiar that I felt like I was reading exactly what was happening in my head. The despair of not knowing when she would get better or even if she would ever get better. The despair at not knowing how to explain what you need form other people. The feelings of being completely alone and just wanting it to stop (again not in a suicidal sense, just simply stopping) struck such nerves in me I had to put it down until I felt ready to read it again – when I would be able to cope with it again.

Despair was definitely the word that kept coming into my head, even though it’s not really used in the books.

Again like the other books on depression I’ve read this is a more extreme account than what I am going through. I would like to read one that is less extreme – no suicide attempts, no stays in rehab or hospitals – just depression.

I enjoyed (feels the wrong word to say) reading the book. It was well written and extremely honest. The relationships with people I found interesting and the strain depression puts on those relationships showed me I’m not alone in struggling to relate to people. It shows that everyone has people who run away and give up on you like it’s contagious. But they also have those people who stick around and are there even in the darkest of times. Also how difficult it is to function and tasks like the doing the washing up can be a day’s achievement – reading someone else’s account on how difficult it can be showed me it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Some days you can only do what you can do and that is enough.

I’d say this is a good book to give people who want to read about depression. It is also a good book to read if you have depression, but it is hard read and I would recommend reading one chapter at a time and taking breaks so it doesn’t overwhelm – that’s what I needed to do 🙂

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