Adventures in Coffee… Caffe Nero Cappuccino

I rarely go into Cafe Nero as there aren’t as many around as Costa and Starbucks, but while in Marlborough with my Mum we went in for a coffee.

I was really impressed with the cappuccino. It was hot and not too milky or too much foam. It was a very balanced drink. It does coffee Italian style, which means smaller drinks overall compared to American style coffee shops. But this means you really get to appreciate the coffee over the milk.

It also stayed hot! A lot of larger drinks cool down fairly quickly, but we were int eh cafe for 30 minutes and it remained a nice temperature throughout our stay – could have been the cups though 🙂

I will definitely be adding Caffe Nero to my coffee stops to mix up my drinks – also I need to see their Christmas drink selection 🙂




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