Adventures in Coffee… My Favourite Xmas Drink

Christmas at Starbucks is here!


So that means my favourite (and most unhealthy obsession) is back!

The Eggnog Latte!


I don’t know why I love this drink as much as I do. It really can’t be called a coffee as you don’t tast coffee at all, just eggnogy goodness!

I know this drink also probably has about 1000 calories but I don’t care! Okay well I actually do And I have to be careful as it is basically just drinking cream with a shot of espresso. I limit myself to one when they first come out in November and then only on specific Christmas shopping trips (I like to get mine done in only a few trips not too close to christmas so it’s not many at all) and then maybe if they have any left and I’m in a Starbucks on Christmas Eve 😉

Maybe it’s because eggnog is not a thing in the UK. I made it once from about hundred eggs and a hand whisk (not fun) and would not bother again. I don’t think we can buy it over here, but I’ve never looked to be honest. I just love it as a latte 🙂

I love this time of year in general. I like having all the Christmas decorations in the shops and things to look at for presents from November onwards. I don’t like it earlier, but November is good. It makes the darker nights and colder weather easier. I think it’s the build up I love more than the actual holiday. I love getting excited and decorating the house. I love feeling like a kid again with no worries other than when we go buy a tree! I find it a relaxing time of year. A time when there are things to look froward too like Christmas dos and seeing friends. It’s fun!

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