Adventures in Books… CBT for Dummies

This is an excellent book for learning about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and I highly recommend it. My sports therapist recommended it to me as he has been reading about it to help his clients and I am glad he has. I think healing the body and mind can be done together and is the way I am going to work forwards.

“You think how you feel” – this is one of the first quotes in the book that hit home. I have come to understand that if I can change how I think and act I can change the way I feel. It takes practice and it is extremely hard, but it does work.

An extremely useful tool I have started to use is the ABC Form.

  • Activating Event
  • Beliefs
  • Consequence
  • I have found this very useful to stop my thoughts from becoming unbearable and also to rationalise my thoughts by following them through. I find I get stuck in unhelpful thinking patterns and this helps sort them out. It can be taken further to include thinking errors, dispute and effects.

    Another tool I have found useful is testing my predictions. I worry a lot and this forces me to confront my worries by testing out what I am worried about. It’s best to start small, such as telling people I have been off work with depression and fearing people will run away. I started with people I have known for a long time and who knew me not from work and no one ran away 🙂

    What I also love about the Dummies books are the list at the end – quick summaries to jot down and keep on you for reference.

  • 10 healthy attitudes for living
  • 10 ways to lighten up
  • I have now purchased the complimentary books in the series – the workbook and the journal – as I want to continue my CBT journey but need some structure to do so.

    Also this book means I’ve completed my Goodreads Challenge of reading 52 books in 2012 and its only November 🙂

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