Things I’m Loving… The Script #3

I’ve been a fan of The Script for a few years and love their music. They realised a new album a couple of months a go, but I struggled to get into it right away. I’ve been listening to music I’ve owned for a while, rather than new stuff. But when I finally did get it in my car and listened to it properly I liked it a lot. Maybe not as much as their previous albums, but enough to include it in my Things I’m Loving posts and here are a few of my favourite lyrics!

Good Ol’ Days

Oh, we’ll remember this night when we’re old and gray
Cause in the future these will be the good ol’ days
Oh and we’re arm in arm as we sing away
In the future this will be the good ol’ days

Six Degrees of Separation

You’ve read the books,
You’ve watched the shows,
What’s the best way no one knows, yeah,
Meditate, get hypnotized.
Anything to take from your mind.
But it won’t, ohhhh ohhh
You’re doing all these things out of desperation,
Ohhh ohhh,
You’re going through six degrees of separation.


Show me your fears, show me your scars,
I’ll take whatever’s left of your heart
Give me heaven, give me hell,
All the dreams you try to sell,
I want your fears, your hopes,
The whole kaleidoscope


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