Wandering Around Hogwarts Take 2

Earlier this year I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour with my friend Ingrid, but sister also wanted to go and so I went again today!

I loved it this time round too. I noticed more details and things I hadn’t the last time. It still took us 4 hours to go round, including the green screen broom and car rides 🙂

 The details in the Great Hall are amazing – especially the house points!

We both loved the dormitory and common room.

The details in the sets amazed me. I loved the Cheeri-Owls cereal 🙂

The details in the Black family tree and the Quidditch strategy board.

Helen is scared of Snape int he Potions classroom and I’m loving being on the bridge (was open last time).

Of course we had to try Butterbeer (me for the second time) and it’s yum!

Loved the details in the Weasley props.

All the work that went into the props was amazing!

Diagon Alley is my favourite set – it really feels like you are there!

The model of Hogwarts is a masterpiece and I’m so glad you end there seeing the whole thing!


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2 thoughts on “Wandering Around Hogwarts Take 2

  1. I’m so jealous!!! Also – nice butterbeer cups! We just had plastic beer cups last time, but those look fancy?

    1. They had new things this time and they had expanded the green screen area so we didn’t have to wait at all. It was much quieter than when we went. You could also get on the bridge in the back lot! We both got the audio guides again and that was fantastic. I saw more details this time as there is so much stuff to see! Helen loved it too!

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