Wanderings in Fashion… Fossil Sunglasses

This I admit is a totally random purchase for November, but a new outlet store opened in my town and I couldn’t resist. I chose my christmas present from my parents but also wanted to buy something for myself so I treated myself to these sunglasses!

The photos are great but they are a purple/brown colour.

I just loved how they looked on (again not the best photo) and they cover the whole of my eyes so will be great for wearing driving as well as walking around.

I have a few Fossil things as they are one of my favourite brands. I love the slogan on the glasses – Love Live Vintage.

This is me trying expand my wardrobe and accessories beyond my normal choices. A lot my stuff is walking or work based so I am trying to try new things and have a new work wardrobe post planned where I hope to work out some different outfits I can put together using some new purchases and some stuff I already have 🙂

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