Adventures in Coffee… Costa Honeycomb Hot Chocolate

It’s November so that means the Christmas drinks are out! I get super excited about this time of year and my coffee adventures get a treat as I let myself have the new super sweet drinks just to share on my blog!

This one isn’t actually coffee, but I didn’t realise the new drinks were available when I went in one evening for a hot chocolate so I had to get the new Honeycomb Hot Chocolate!

I loved this drink! Honeycomb is one of my favourite things and in hot chocolate it just works. It wasn’t overly sweet, just a subtle taste of honeycomb through the chocolate. If I get it again I would do with the whipped cream as that was super sweet and I’m not a fan.

This was a good drink for a cold evening. I was feeling low and this made up for it. It was nice and quiet in the coffee shops so I got to sit and enjoy this and read my book for a while. I haven’t been out for a hot chocolate in ages and it was really nice to do so. It is a winter thing for me and I imagine it will happen more often in the coming months.

Looking forward to trying the other new drinks Costa has to offer this year as well as a favourite or two they brought back again from last year!

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