Adventures in Food… Pieminister Moo Pie

I like a good pie. Not great for the diet but I don’t have them very often and usually save them for meals out, but this week I really fancied something hot, filling and comforting as the weather has turned cold in the last week. This pie was on offer int he supermarket so I though I would give it go and I’m glad I did 🙂

I loved the minimal packing. Most pie also come in a foil case, but they was just the box which can be recycled – green values coming out 🙂

This was a great pie. It had lots of pastry, but it was overly thick, just enough to go crunchy on the outside and stay soft in the middle next to the filly. The filling was also good. Thick gravy, beef and some veggies in there. It filled up the case, but didn’t touch the top which meant the top crust was super crunchy, which is how I like it when it’s not puff pastry.

They also included a money off voucher for the next purchase, but I would buy this one again without it. They had a good range at the supermarket and I would love to try Peahock, Heidi, Pietanic and Shamrock just to name a few as there are loads more mentioned on the website!

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