Things I’m Loving… Empire

I love Empire Magazine! I love it even more since it’s available on the iPad and it’s interactive 🙂

I started reading Empire about 10 years ago. I think the first issue I bought was for the train back from London and had The Matrix on the front cover.

I then subscribed on and off for a good few years in between travelling and moving. I love reading the features and interviews, but as the internet got more and more popular for news I started to read the website more than the magazine for news. I then got picky about which magazines I actually purchased. Then the iPad edition came out and I subscribed again! I love being able to click through to the movie trailers or more photos that wouldn’t be possible in the magazine.

They also started a podcast. I have to be in the mood for listening to this as it is a lot of talk, but when I do listen it is fantastic. They talk about films coming out and have interviews from the stars. It’s also great to listen to the team talk as their humour and personalities come across even more this way than they do int he articles they write.

Spending time reading and watching movies is one of my relaxation activities. It is pure distraction from the real world. I may not agree with all the reviews, but I love to know what they think. Sometimes I don’t read the reviews until after I watched the film to be sure I don’t get any spoilers and also so I understand what they are talking about.

I think my dream job would be working for Empire, but I won’t be pursuing that dream 😉

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