Adventures in Books… Rivers of London

My friend Ingrid reccommened this book to me a few months ago and I got it right away, but it has taken me ages to read!

I started off quite well. The story engaged me and I was getting to know the characters. Then I hit a wall around 40% (on the Kindle) in. I struggled through until I hit 70% and then got back into it.

I don’t think it was all the writing style, but it is definitely a very detailed style that I got bored of when there was no action. I also think it was partly because it is the first book in the series so setting the scene and getting to know the characters took a while. I’m also not sure if I like the characters. Towards the end I started to, but in the middle I didn’t care about any of them – until one was injured. I am glad I kept going as I enjoyed the last quarter of the book very much.

The premise of the book is like a grown up Harry Potter, but more traditional if that makes sense. It is set in the police and revolves around cases that they get and get passed to the right people to deal with them. It’s fantasy mixed with real life – one of my favourite worlds. The author knows London extremely well and the geography included in the book is amazing – I think if you know London you would be even more impressed than I was. I liked the links between nature and the modern London – that’s where the traditional aspect comes in I think.

I think I will read the next book in the series, but I’m not in a rush to. It hasn’t pulled me in like other series do. Definitely worth a go though if you like Harry Potter but want something more serious!


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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Books… Rivers of London

  1. Ha! This is exactly how I felt about them too, actually, although I think when I read them I was so desperate for a reading weekend that I just read them straight through and didn’t put them down. But you’re right – I didn’t particularly love any of the characters, but the geography and the knowledge of London I found fascinating (you can tell we’re geographers at heart!). The second book isn’t brilliant, but I quite liked the third one.

    They were marketed as ‘Harry Potter for grown-ups’, which is why I picked it up first (that, and I really liked the cover), and in a way they are, but they just don’t have the same magic that HP has, in my opinion. Decent read, but nothing spectacular.

    1. I’m so glad you said that too. I thought it was just me but the characters just annoyed me in the middle and I don’t really care what happens to them. It didn’t suck me in like I hoped it would 🙁

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