Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks Caffe Verona

I got this little bag from Starbucks. They often do a charity collection and provide little bags of ground coffee for people to take in return for a donation. I usually grab one if they do this as I get through so much coffee!

I like the Verona blend. I thought I had done a review of it already as I have bought it before, but looking back I hadn’t so here it is. It is a bold, dark roast coffee. It is based on the coffee you get in Italy, which are my favourite types of coffee – strong and full bodied ( also I love Italian wine).

This one made a good espresso even though its not an espressos blend. It was smoother and good for a black based coffee. I find you need an espresso based coffee for milk based drinks as I like to taste the coffee through the milk.

I’ve also had this coffee in a French press and it is very nice, it makes a muddy coffee, but that’s how it supposed to be. It keeps it oils and flavours, which you don’t get through the espresso machine or when done as a drip coffee.

Overall one of my favourite regular Starbucks blends 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks Caffe Verona

  1. Did you ever have their Ubora blend? Have we talked about this? That was my all time favourite roast of any coffee I’ve ever had, but it was a limited edition only, and they haven’t brought it back since, to my sadness 🙁

    I’ll have to try this one though – I don’t think I’ve had it yet, and it sounds good!

    1. No I haven’t seen that one. We don’t tend to get the limited editions very often which makes me sad. The Christmas blend is back now though!

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