Wandering Wishlist… Japan

This is the fist post in my Wandering Wish List series. Trip planning is one of my favourite activies and since my trip at the beginning of the year I haven’t had any trips to plan (due to money constraints) so I decided to put my skills to use and start thinking about trips I could do from next year.

My next big (and expensive I imagine) trip will be to Japan. This may be next year or the year but I already am excited about it. I got a copy of the Rough Guide to Japan from my local library

Japan is much bigger than I thought and is desctibed as “a place of ancient gods and customs, but also the cutting edge of modernity”. It has four main islands – Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu (I need to learn to use the other parts of the keyboard) – as well 6800 other islands!

I was orginally thinking of a 2-3 week trip, but the rough guide says this will only skim the surface. I still think this will have to be the length of the trip for work and budget purposes, so it just means choosing carefully where to visit. I am thinking spring at the moment as this is supposed to be the most pleasant time of year to visit. I may also get to see the Cherry Blossoms bloom! Although if I want to do trekking summer might be better. This needs more research 🙂

Tokyo is of course on the top of my list. It is where I would fly in and out of so I will be guaranteed time there at either end of my trip. It is also the capital and can’t be missed. Kyoto is another place I want to visit. It is described as the cultural centre and from the images I have looked at int he book and online it looks beautiful. I would also like to visit historical areas such as Nikko and Kamakura.

Of course the food is another exciting part of visiting Japan. I can’t wait to see the difference between our version of Japanese food and the real thing! In the Rough Guide it talks about Kaiseki-Ryori – Japan’s Haute cuisine made form seasonal ingredients.

Another place I want to see, if not climb, is Mount Fuji. Exodus offers two trips to Japan and one includes climbing the mountain (I did Amalfi, Peru and Kilimanjaro with them – excellent company). It is down as challenging and is very weather dependent. I am unsure on this at the moment, but it is something I am considering.

Another part of Japanese culture I want to experience is staying in Ryokan – a traditional Japanese Inn. I am thinking this would be quite peaceful and would be a restful part of my trip.

Japan has been at the top of my list for a while and I now feel it is getting closer to actually happening. This will be a totally selfish trip as I am just doing it for me. I’ve only spoken to people about it who have already been, so haven’t had any interest in anyone joining me. I wouldn’t mind if someone else wanted to join me, but I would also be okay with going on my own (especially if I went on one of the Exodus trips).

I will look again once I am all moved into my house. I can then set the date and get saving!


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2 thoughts on “Wandering Wishlist… Japan

  1. What an exciting adventure to plan! It’s great that you’re flexible with your timescales so you can save, plan and pick just the right time.

    Looking forward to following your journey!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Emma!
      Need something to look forward to and travel is my favourite thing 🙂
      Got a long list of places, but am trying to prioritise too!

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