Adventures in Coffee… Monin Coffee Syrups

Sometimes you just want a sweet coffee!

I prefer adding syrup to coffee than sugar. I like to have a flavour rather than just sweetness.

I saw this ack at a garden centre food store and had to buy it. The caramel, vanilla, hazelnut and gingerbread I have all tried before but not the chocolate cookie. These are the syrups they use at Costa. The first one I tried was the chocolate coffee with an espressos topped up with water and it was lovely. Perfect for winter afternoons.

Looking at the recipes provided with the pack I was surprised at how much syrup they suggested to use per drink. Each bottle was only 50ml and they suggest 25ml servings. I decide each bottle contained at least 4 servings before looking at the recipes and for me that is sweet enough, any more would be too sweet.

I do plan on trying the recipes in the pack as that will add to my coffee making skills using my espresso machine 🙂

I do like they have started selling a pack on small bottles as the litre bottles I have seen available are big and I think I would get fed up before I finished the bottle so this is a perfect pack to be able to swap between flavours 😉


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