Things I’m Loving… Lush Fresh Face Masks

I went to Bath a week or so ago as a teat and to distract myself from being off work. It poured down with rain so it was more of a shop to shop to trip than a wander around the city as planned, but it was great as I got to stop in Lush without many people being in there and e lovely girls int he shop took me through all the new products 🙂

I bought my friend a birthday present then decided I would treat myself to something. I asked about what I could use to help with my skin as I was in a bad break out period. They took me through the various skin care products and if I could have afforded all of it I would have bought it there an then, but as I still have products I like to use and have talked about in my Things I’m Loving posts before I decided to change gradually.

First up was trying the Cometic Warrior flask mask 🙂

It totally looks wearied but its lovely when on. It has garlic on which could put off some people but the girls told me it is great for drawing all the rubbish out of the pores. I decided this is what I needed right now so put down the chocolate one (getting next time though).

I’ve used it 3 times in the last 2 weeks and love it. You have to use the pot in 3 weeks as it is made from fresh ingredients. It’s also makes me use it regularly. I have usually put it on and then had a cup of tea or coffee then taken it off.

I think it has made a different to my skin. My break outs seems to calm down after putting it on, but they haven’t cleared up. My skin feels smoother and softer which is really nice.

Overall an excellent purchase as a treat to myself. I will define lay be getting it again, but I want to try the others they have to offer as well 🙂

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