Adventures in Wine… M&S Belle Tour Merlot

I got this wine a while ago as part of the Dine in for £10 meal deal M&S do every so often. I cracked it open at the weekend as some plans fell through and enjoyed it watching tv over a few nights and really enjoyed it.

It is a nice deep red wine with fruity flavours. It also has a lovely warm aroma and was perfect for the colder autumn nights we had over the weekend.

I was really impressed this wine was part of the £10 meal deal as I have had wine before that was okay for one glass but lost its flavour quickly. Definitely a bargain, but I would be willing to pay full price for this if I bought it again.

I do enjoy a glass of wine, but rally buy it as I’m not one to drink more than a glass on my own, so it was nice to have it over a few nights. I imagine this could become more routine once I’m living on my own 😉

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