Adventures in Coffee… Home Espresso Machine

I was supposed to be saving this as a house warming present to myself, but a couple of weeks ago I caved and am so glad I did!

I have wanted my own coffee machine for a long time. I debated whether to get a capsule machine, but in the end decided against it as I wanted to have a go at doing some latte art – it’s not going well but I’ve only had it for 2 weeks and I’m having fun 🙂

I decided to go for this one because of the style and the reviews of Delongi online. I was going to go for a slightly cheaper version but my dad talked me into this one as he felt the other looked plasticky compared to it.

I love that it has a proper coffee arm and you get a spoon and press with it. I like being able to choose between having a single or double espresso – or making two singles at once. It also includes a cup for easy espresso pods, which I haven’t used yet.

Frothing the milk is easy, but you have to make sure it is hot before pouring into the coffee. I have made both cappuccinos and lattes (just use a spoon to hold back the foam). But like I said I’m struggling with the latte art – more practice required 🙂

The main disappointment is that it doesn’t include a metal milk jug. I had to buy one separately. It is also not automatic when it comes to stopping the espresso, so the first few I made were quite large as I expected it to stop. The up holder also takes a while to warm up, especially if you’re like me and turn it off after every cup made. Although it is really useful for letting dough rise if you put the bowl on top 😉

Overall a fantastic coffee machine that will have pride and place in my kitchen in my house. It should also save me money by not having to go to coffee shops all the time, but I haven’t found that yet 😉

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