Adventures in Books… The Kitchen Diaries II

Okay I technically haven’t read this one as I plan to look at each month over the year in conjunction with the first volume.

I loved reading the first one through like a book, but I then wanted to try things out of season. So my plan is to read each month and make something in season once I move into my house.

There are a few quotes I wanted to share from my reading so far:

I love this idea, but it goes against my organised nature. I might try it though in conjunction with a food diary.

I love that he doesn’t consider himself a chef. I like to cook and want to be “someone who cares about what they feed themselves” – very similar to one of my values from yesterday 🙂

So I have looked at October! I love autumn and the recipes in this section look fantastic 🙂

Also it has making pizza dough! I will have to try this “anger-management” technique 🙂

This book really focuses on what is in season and using ingredients found in local independent shops. One of my goals for 2013 is to cook a recipe from each of these volumes each month as to commit to shopping locally 🙂

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