Being Proud Of Myself

I have always thrived on achieving things. I like doing things well. I like doing a good job. I like knowing I’ve put my best in.

But I find it hard to recognise my achievements unless someone else does.

A slave to external validation.

This is something I really want to change and I think will go a long way to help me on my road to recovery.

Since moving back with my parents I have never really unpacked and therefore have not put anything on display – only my medals from my open water swims in Eton, Womens, and Poole. I’ve got other medals but they are packed away waiting to move into my house.

After seeing Caitlin display her running medals proudly a while ago I have been on the look out for something to do the same.

This week I found the perfect thing – an owl christmas card holder!

Okay I know that sounds totally random, but it works for me 🙂

Sorry for the rubbish photo.

So you see I can hang my medals on there and it still looks like an owl. Also I plan to put postcards of my favourite places or from friends on there. Or things with inspirational says to remind be to be kind to myself.

For example the heart in the middle of the owl says “do whatever makes your heart smile”.

This is to remind to be proud of myself. No one else swam those races for me. No one else will take part in future swims, runs or other challenges for me. I do them myself and therefore I deserve to be proud of myself and show myself that by putting my medals on display.

I haven’t decided where this will go in my new house, but it will have pride and place there for everyone to see.

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