Wandering Around Jubilee Lake

Yesterday I got myself out of the house and away from some work that was causing me some anxiety and led to yesterday’s extra post!

There is a lake in the town where I live and I hadn’t been down there in probably over 5 years, so I decided to take a wander and explore somewhere extremely close to home.

 It was a lovely autumn day. Cold, but the sun was shining and the leaves were all over the ground. I didn’t jump in leaves but I kicked them up in the air as I wandered a long – totally counts as one of my fall frolicking goals 🙂

It was so quiet. I saw three people while I was there – the ducks outnumbered us by a lot!

I didn’t think before I left to take some bread to feed the ducks, but that is something i will do next time I wander to the lake. The ducks obviously expected to be fed as they swam over when I walked to the waters edge.

This was also when my random thought of the day sprung from – look at twitter 😉


I was really glad I made the effort to go for  a walk and to somewhere I didn’t know well. It wasn’t my usual walking route. It cleared my head and my body felt good for getting out.

This morning I actually went to gym first thing. This was really hard for me as I know pretty much everyone who works there and it is unusual for me to be in during the day, so I took another step forward and opened up to one of my friends who worked there. I feel better for doing it and more understood and not so alone. No one has gone running for the hills and all I have seen in people’s eyes is concern – I can handle concern 🙂

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