Adventures in Food… Making Sushi

I’ve been on a cooking roll this last week. It’s probably because I have the house to myself and therefore get full use of the kitchen without worrying about the mess I make. I clear everything up after, but my mum does it as she goes along – its annoying 😉

I’ve made sushi before, but fancied making it again with salmon and avocado. I decided to get the kit with everything in, rather than buy everything separately as I won’t make that often and you only get enough to make two maki rolls which is perfect for me.

Maki sushi rolls are really easy to make, just a little time consuming as you have to let the rice cook, steam and then cool, so it’s not a quick process – probably about an hour in total.

I went for smoked salmon as I’m not sure of the freshness of the fish from the local supermarket, so will save that for proper sushi restaurants.

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