Adventures in Tea… Twinnings Lavender Earl Grey

I saw this in the shop today and thought I would give it a go. I think a combination of lavender and tea is great for the chilly autumn evenings.

The box said to have black or with a dash of milk, but I decided to add a slice of lemon. This was a good call and I enjoyed it once it had cooled down a bit. It was refreshing and calming. As it’s earl grey based it is perfumed, but the lavender is dominant and very nice. The slice of lemon added a burst of citrus to the tea. I don’t think I will like this one with milk, but I think it would also be nice as iced tea (in the summer).

It is nice to find a new tea to try every so often. You’d think being in England I would have access to lots of teas, but I’ve found better tea shops in other countries. It may just be where I am located though. I will have to look into locating some more tea shops – I also need to find a teapot for my house 🙂

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