Frolicking into Fall and Beyond

Instead of October goals I am taking inspiration from Rosie Molinary and creating a Fall Frolic list!

I’m am making a list of things to do between now and Christmas (I know it’ll be winter, but this is a nice amount time). Some will be fun and others I have been putting off for various reasons.

  1. Go to the Cinema to see:
    1. The Hobbit
    2. Skyfall
    3. Looper
    4. Perks of Being a Wallflower
  2. Afternoons in a coffee shop – reading, blogging or just watching the world go by
  3. Listen to classical music
  4. Find some inspirational poems
  5. Organise wardrobe
  6. R-paint bedroom wall
  7. Make cupcakes
  8. Make bagels
  9. Take a couple of duvet days
  10. Study
  11. Go on autumn walks and collect conkers
  12. Do the local Parkrun once a month
  13. Read my vegetable garden book in preparation for house
  14. Visit several National Trust Properties
  15. Jump in leaves just for fun!

I can’t wait to see how I get on working my way through this list 🙂


I have been looking into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy this last week and it has reminded not to give up on goals just because they seem so far away, so I wanted to give any update on the long term goals I set way back in April, then dismissed in August.

  1. Exercise planner
    • This changed to monthly goals to bring in other important aspects to support my well-being. This has gone really well and I have embedded exercise, meditation and food tracking into my daily life. This goal is complete, but would be updated to train for something specific.
  2. Study
    • This goal has been going okay, but I haven’t been keeping track of it very well. Out of 79 mini modules I have completed 48, which is the equivalent of 60%. However this does not include the revision I will need to do before taking the exams.
    • The next step of this goal is to create a study and revision plan and book the exams to work towards. The time of completion is going to extended as I can see I will not get all the exams in before Christmas, so my aim will be March 2013 now.
  3. Lose Weight
    • This goals is making good progress. I have lost 17.4lbs since April and I am extremely happy with this. I am still aiming for June 2013 to lose the 60lbs, but will be flexible.
    • The next step for this goal is to keep tracking my food and working on my relationship with food.
  4. Swim a 10km event
    • This is the goal I don’t feel I have made any progress, but then I reflect and I definitely have. Over the summer I swam in 3 3km events and reduced my time from 59 minutes to 57 minutes. I am currently swimming 3-4 times a week and with running club have increased my overall fitness.
    • The next step for this goal is to set up a monitoring system that will keep me motivated. I will also research possible events to take part in either for 2013 or 2014.

After taking the time to look at what I have been doing I am extremely proud of myself. I have done all this work without regular external validation. I have kept my fitness going and focused on areas I struggle with. I have developed some self-worth to keep going (even though it doesn’t feel like it) and I have enjoyed what I have been doing.

These are the things I am happy doing. I like having things to work towards, but I am realising they do not have to be career related (definitely a taught belief that I don’t think I believe in any more). I want the next ‘study’ thing I do to be fun and random. I want the next event I sign up for to be fun and challenging. I want to lose weight to help support my other goals. I want my life to be full of activity, from reading to running!

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