A Run in the Park

Wow I can’t believe it’s October. Time for a new month and season to begin.

As you can probably tell from last week I’ve not been feeling great. At the weekend I focused on myself and pushed myself to get active as I knew it would make me feel better – plus I could take a nap if needed 😉

On Saturday I skipped my normal swim session to take part in the local Parkrun. A free weekly 5km timed run. I had never done one before so was quite nervous and as I hadn’t been feeling great feeling a little sick. But it was a lovely sunny, if cold, morning so I was glad to get outside for an hour.

It was a great turn out with just over 300 people taking part. It was funny as a few colleagues from work turned up for their first times too. it was nice to see a few people outside of work and as we are in different teams not actually talk about work at all.

I kept to the back at the start, but did go off a bit fast as everyone sped up. I got into a better rhythm and found a pace I could keep to. My aim was to run the whole 5km so I wasn’t worrying about time at all.

I made a running playlist with upbeat, loud music in hopes it would block out some of the thoughts I had been having and it worked, then I didn’t need it. I didn’t know at the start but they have volunteers running at certain paces to help people get round. I met the 35 minute pace guy (Hi Colin) who kept me going and at a good pace. He was also good at reminding me to relax going downhill, use my arms going uphill and to focus on my breathing. I really needed the help on the second lap, especially when the first men were finishing their second late as I finished my first – enter negative thoughts – but Colin kept me focused on my run. We also met up with a one of the kids who were taking part and kept her going and also a lovely girl about my age and we kept each other going for the second lap 🙂

I ran the whole way round in 35 minutes 25 seconds and I was 271st out of 319 people.

I did it! After a horrible week I got out and did something for me. It was hard. My legs ached (should have warmed up more) and my brain wanted to bring me down, BUT I got up and ran 5km and felt good!

I plan to do this run once a month to gauge my progress. This will help as I don’t have to take it seriously. It’s not a race, but I get a time out of it that is published, which I hope will spur me on to keep improving. For me it’s finding the things that challenge, yet motivate me to keep going.


Also today a quick recap of the goals I set for September.

I completed 84% of them this month. I’m really happy with this. I think I have found a balance that works for me to be able to concentrate on the things I can when in a low period. During last week I didn’t think I had done anything, but I did the things that helped, like blogging, getting headspace and getting active. I also tracked how I could, even if it was just writing it down in my journal. I also love the 80% goal as this really does get me away from all-or-nothing thinking.

I also lost 2lbs over the month. I lost about 05.lbs a weeks so I am extremely happy with this. I haven’t felt like I’m on a diet, but I think I am making better choices and can also indulge every now and again. I’m not binging like I was either. There have been slips and times when I eat too much, but I’m okay with that.

My reward for meeting my monthly goal was the toaster and kettle.

I haven’t decided if I going to do monthly goals again. I think I might do them myself without posting on here. The things I wanted to incorporate into my daily life are getting there. I know I need to keep a check on them to ensure they become full-blown habits.

It’s all about balance 🙂

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2 thoughts on “A Run in the Park

  1. Well done on the run!! That’s fantastic! Remember when you started? I love that you can see real (and relatively quick) progress with running. How were you the day afterwards? Sore?

    1. Thanks Ingrid. I was okay after, but I struggled Monday night at running club. My legs ached and I felt extremely tired.

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