Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

It’s finally come over to the UK!

My friend Ingrid told me about these years ago and they make a regular appearance in Canada and the US every autumn. I hope this does the same, but at the moment it just says its limited time only. I tried one while in Seattle at the beginning of the year and liked it, so was really  happy when the email came through last week 🙂

During my awful week I took some time out to go try one before they are on full release. I went for the normal one they serve so it came with whipped cream.

I really like this drink. It makes so much sense in autumn to have a drink that has warming spices in. I have no idea whether it is actually pumpkin or more a of mix of cinnamon and cloves and other spices, but it is a really nice blend and something I am going to try to recreate at home.

I have had another since this one and asked for it without the cream and much preferred it. The cream makes it a lot sweeter than it needs to be. I liked it as a normal latte with the warming spices. Although I do recommend stirring it before you drink it as the second one I got to go and all the syrup was at the bottom. I will also need to ask for it extra how next time as on both occasions it cooled down very quickly.

 It is nice to have a different drink every so often. It is also an excuse for me to go and sit in a coffee shop for a while and think. I loved the drink and sitting down this week. I don’t do that enough anymore. I think that was what I enjoyed most about my trip earlier this year – being able to take time out to just sit and be.

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5 thoughts on “Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

  1. Hooray!! This has made me so happy!!! I’m getting one on Friday! (They’re not serving them at the Starbucks places on campus because they’re not proper Starbucks, you know? So I have to wait…) The anticipation is driving me crazy 🙂 But hopefully that’ll make it even sweeter!

    1. Really? I bet that’s because they are new and only available if you had a Starbucks card last week – extra effort was much appreciated though 🙂

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