Adventures in Books… Underneath the Lemon Tree

This is the first book, other than self-help books I have read about depression.

It was hard to read. It was good to read.

Everyone’s thing (as the author liked to call it) is different. I am very different to the author, but some of his experiences felt familiar. The thoughts and the feelings. The depth of despair.

There were quite a few quotes I wanted to share instead of writing a review. I don’t know if this books will or has helped me, but I wanted to read it.

“What do I have to be depressed about? Actually, that’s the worst kind of question you can ask. It’s a question I have since come to despise, as it is normally posed by people who don’t understand that depression is not something you do, but something that happens to you.”

“Thinking is like quicksand; the more you do, the deeper you descend.”

“The hardest thing about recovery is that it is not linear.”

“…self-examination is like peeling an onion. You don’t know where to stop. You don’t know where the mucky bit is. If you’re not careful you might end up discarding a lot of good, healthy material.”

“I need to learn that you can say no to people and they’ll still be your friend, your colleague, your wife. That sometimes things don’t have to be perfect: good enough is often good enough. That you shouldn’t always worry what other people think, particularly as, more often than not, it’s not what they actually think that is bothering you, but what you think they might be thinking.”

“I am mentally ill. I broke a bit of my brain, like you might break your collarbone. It took a lot of healing. It will always be vulnerable. It could recur. I don’t think it’s a condition that should invite prejudice.”

“Thinking… It’s a dip. They will come. They will stay. And they will pass. Everything does.”

I am glad to have the highlight function on Kindle. I have these and more parts of the books highlighted and will probably re-read it when I feel more recovered (if that is the right word).

Overall this book showed me I can read about depression. I found it interesting. There is a sense of will I ever get better, but I know that is just the scared voice talking. There is a hope deep inside that I will and that is what I have to focus on.

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