Wandering into Fashion

I read a few blogs about fashion. Already Pretty, Skinny Emmie and Becoming the Odd Duck are fantastic and I have started to think a bit more about fashion and how I dress in recent weeks.

I never really got into clothes like my friends. In fact when I was at my biggest I lived in baggy sports clothes as I felt comfortable in them and they fitted.

Even though I’m not at my goal weight I have started to want to buy nice clothes and be a bit more interested in fashion.

I like simplicity and would be happy to live in jeans and t-shirts. But I would also like to wear nice things to work or just out shopping.

I would love to overhaul my entire wardrobe, but that would be expensive. So I am instead planning on buying a new outfit or part of an outfit every month.  I am going to take what I learn and like from the blog I read and find something similar to buy. This will involve taking a day or half a day every month to go to the shops with the sole purpose of buying clothes. I will probably do this alone to begin with (I’m not comfortable shopping for clothes with friends) and then over time go with other people.

This month I have bought :

  • An Owl Jumper from Next, which is supposed to be worn baggy, but when I tried it on it didn’t look right baggy so I went for a smaller size so it is more fitted, but not tight.

This will fit with my current wardrobe, but do move towards where I want to go with my style. A relaxed and funky kind of style that I can dress up or down. I plan on buying items that move towards the style I want gradually. I am not confident enough to change style all at once, but I want to add confidence to my fashion choices.

I like brands that give me confidence and Fat Face is one of those as their motto is “Life is out there…” and this is how I want to live and express myself through fashion.

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