Adventures in Food… Yo! Sushi

Last Monday I had an extra day off work after my swim and as we headed home early I had a day to myself. I decided to take myself off to Bristol to browse some shops. I was thinking of going walking, but I did a lot of activity at the weekend so gave in and went shopping. The only thing I bought was lunch!

I remembered when I arrived that it was Blue Monday at Yo! Sushi and I couldn’t resist 🙂

Yo! Sushi is a sushi/japanese conveyor belt restaurant and I love it. You can pick exactly what you want and the plates get tallied up at the end of your visit. Usually dishes are different coloured plates and the colours indicate the different prices. As I am a fan of the fish dishes it can get quite expensive to visit, except on Blu Monday when all the plates are blue and the same price!

I got to have my favouriste dishes!

The Spicy Dragon Roll:

And the Salmon and Avocado Hand Roll:

I even got a tweet from Yo! Sushi 🙂

I also had the Crunchy Prawn ISO and the Salmon and Avocado roll – my other favourites (but no photos). It was a perfect lunch.

What I love about these restaurants is that they are great to go to even when you are on your own as everyone sits around the belt. It means you aren’t sat at a table on your own (which I don’t mind occasionally) so its nice to sit and relax for a meal.

They also do a great take away menu, which is really goo value!

In a way I am glad there is not one closer to where I live as it could become a problem. But saying that I would be more than happy if Yo! Sushi decided to open in Swindon 🙂

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