Adventures in Books… The Kitchen Diaries

This was the second book my friend Ingrid gave me as a very early house warming gift!

This is totally my kind of cookbook. It is a story and I read it like a book.

I loved how the book was like a diary. I felt like I was reading the private notes of a chef, which I suppose if basically what this book is. I loved that it went by date and by meal. There aren’t entries for every meal of every day but you get a clear insight into how Nigel Slater treats food. He buys food to eat every day depending in what he sees and what he feel like eating. I would love to shop like this and will try to do it once I move out of my parents (and don’t feel like I have to use up what my mum over buys). I would liek to get to know my local butcher, greengrocer and bakery.

I haven’t made anything from it yet, but once I move into my house I plan to do at least one recipe a month using local and seasonal ingredients like Nigel Slater does.

My friend Ingrid it totally the person to recommend cook books and I am so happy she bought this for me – she knows me so well!

Nigel Slater has just published the second Kitchen Diaries and I plan on asking for it for Christmas (yes I am totally writing my Christmas list already!).

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