Things I’m Loving… Moleskine Home Journal

Double post day – haven’t had one of those in a while 🙂

I bought this one after I bought the Wellness Journal and I love it. I don’t use as often as I do the Wellness one, but I plan to keep this one on hand, especially once I move into my house.

It has lots of sections and spare ones to make your own. So far I have used the Inspiration section to add pictures of things I want for my home like furniture and cushions. I have also printed out ideas from  Pinterest to remember, espically for the garden, which I don’t plan on doing anything to until next spring.

There is room to draw in the rooms and I plan to do this once I have a better drawing with more measurements. I need to check whether bits of furniture will work and I can plan the layout before getting in there. This gives me something to do between now until I get the keys.

There are also inventory lists and places to store information about electronic equipment and warranties. I plan to build these up when I move. I also plan to go through everything I own when I move and get rid of a lot of stuff so this will help with that.Of course there are the stickers again. i’m not sure I’ll use them this time, but I keep them in the pocket in the back of the book.

There are also places to put in contact information for professionals so I will build those up when I move in. Basically its going to be my go to book for information about my home. Although I will get a manual with everything about my home in it and will probably keep a lot of information on my computer and phone, there is something about having an actual book to contain the information, but I love it 🙂


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