A Recent Lack of Wandering

There has definitely been a lack of wandering in my life in recent months. I haven’t had any trips to plan either! Since my trip to Canada I have held myself back on planning trips  as having a two month holiday felt like more than enough, but I think my main motivation for that was because I was worried about how it would look to other people. But now I am realising that it is completely up to me what I spend my money on and when. I save a large chunk of my pay each month to be able to spend on going away and exploring as it is what I love to do!

But then buying a house  took over and I thought that would see me through the rest of 2012 as an adventure in its own right. Unfortunately the completion has been put back a month or so I am feeling a little landlocked.

I want to plan a trip and am thinking Paris in Spring. However if my house get put back any further I might do a last minute trip there or to Austria or Germany for the Christmas markets in November/December (this would be in 2013 otherwise). So I am going to start planning these and add them to my Wandering Wishlist Page. I’ll decide once I have a more definite date for my house.

Money has been a big factor in my lack of wanderings and I have been using it as an excuse to either focus on my fitness, studying or doing nothing. I want this to end. There are plenty of things I can do for free or for very little cost (like transport).

I am a member of the National Trust, so I am going to make the most of my membership and head out to visit places I haven’t been to before.

I’m not good at staying still for too long. I like to have trips to plan and projects to do and definitely feel like I’m lacking in both at the moment. I have lots of things going on, but fitness and weight loss are long term goals and part of my routine. I can’t fully decide on anything for the house until it’s complete as I know I could change my mind before then quite a few times.

I think from next year I will plan to go somewhere new every few months and then a big trip every few years.

Life is an adventure and I want to go exploring 🙂

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