Adventures in Coffee… Caffe Caramella

I get very excited when my favourite coffee chain brings out new drinks. So at the weekend when I got an email from Costa telling me about some new drinks I had to make a special trip and break my budget rule to go try one!

The Caffe Caramella!

Basically this is a caramel cappuccino. I got a medium with skimmed milk and it was like dessert in a mug. There is caramel syrup in the coffee and on top of the foam, so it’s very sweet.

I enjoyed it, but wish I had gone for a small, as by the end it was too much caramel. It made a nice change from my normal latte of americano though. I was glad I had it after lunch on yesterday as it did fill me up for the rest of the afternoon and through running club. Although I think that was the sugar, rather than the caffeine.

I’m glad i tried this, but I probably won’t be having it again as it was too sweet, or if I did I would ask for it without the caramel on top to reduce the sweetness at least a little bit.

It is a pretty drink though and sometimes that is what I need on a cold autumn afternoon 🙂

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