Things I’m Loving… Supernatural

Supernatural poster

Supernatural started way back in 2005 – I can’t quite believe it!

I started watching this as it was a similar show to Buffy and Angel, both of which had ended by 2004. This came out at a time I needed something to fill a void and it has been there ever since. I really can’t believe it’s heading into Season 8 this year. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

I have loved the different stories over the years. I like the X-files type investigations of each episode and the people they meet a long the way. It went a bit weird at one point and I wasn’t sure about the introduction of angels, but it worked. I love Castiel and hope he makes more appearances in the future as the dynamic between the three characters is entertaining.

I also like the Sam and Dean relationship. There have been multiple ups and downs, but in then end they are brothers and would do anything for each other.

This is a show I will see out to the end now as I’ve stuck with it for so long and I want to know what happens to the characters. I don’t know how many more seasons it can last, but I hope it takes a big bow at the end.

Anyone else share my love of the Winchester Brothers?

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