Take 20

Moving on from Take 10 and Take 15, I started doing Take 20, which means I had to set my alarm earlier in the morning!

I love meditating first thing in the morning. I feel like I start the day off right. A calm, relaxed person, rather than an anxiety driven, crazy woman. It allows me to gradually wake up and be in the moment.

This feels a lot harder than the Take 10 and Take 15. Those extra 5 minutes started out waiting for it to end. But Andy, the guy who talks through the meditation from Headspace, gets that and helps you work through that and become comfortable with the longer time. There is no goal to the meditation, it is about being present, whatever that might involve.

I really liked the bit that brought in dealing with discomfort in the body. I often found I needed to move half way through, which is fine, but does distract from the meditation. I also found that the less talking meant I worried that the file had stopped playing. I got better as time went on, but depending on how anxious I am about life, the more anxious I am during the work.

I unintentionally took a week off in the middle of 20 days when I went away and noticed a difference in my anxiety levels after a few days. This was eye opening for me. I hadn’t realised how much taking this time out each day was helping.

I do like to keep to routine though and do not like fitting in later in the day if I have to miss it in the morning. I have linked it now to the Commit app on my phone. I have set up some commitments to myself everyday and it send reminders and then tracks how many days in a row you keep the commitment. If you miss a day the tally goes back to zero. I think this will be useful when I go away or find myself out of routine as I will have reminder to make the time to do it.

Overall I am enjoying doing this and like having a guided meditation everyday. I plan to follow the next series called Discovery.

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