A Sustainable Diet

I work in the area of sustainability – environment and energy predominently – but I realised I never really talk about it on here when it’s a big part of my life.

I think I don’t talk about it becasue I then think of work and unhappiness sets in, but I do like the topic of sustainability, otherwise I wouldn’t have studied it for 4 years and worked in the area for another 4 years!

I wanted to write a post on sustainability specifically but it’s a concept that hits close to home with my weight. I spend most of my time trying to persuade people to work efficiently by only using enough fuel (electricity, gas, oil, water, petrol etc) as they need to. But I do not apply the same concept to fuelling my body – but I want to.

So the concept of sustainability is about using only what we need and not impacting on future generations. It relates to environmental, economic and social aspects of society and I think that is why it has always interested me. Society has always strived to improve, which most of the time means to have more with greater ease.We used to live by candle light and now we can’t live without electricity, myself included.

I think this has happened with food. We used to only eat what we could grow or hunt. Now everything is available in supermarkets all year round. We no longer need to make anything as we can buy everything ready made. Everything is convenient.

For me that meant convenient to eat more in less time.

So the question I have been asking myself is how can I make my life sustainable?

I’m not tackling travel, fuel or consumer goods right now, those are big controversial issues I’m not ready to bring into my blog. I’m starting with food as this will help with my goals to improve my life.

Fuelling my body sustainably means only giving it what it needs to function. It is unsustainable to eat more than my body needs. Unsustainable in that I am demanding more food than I need and that my body deteriorates with too much. My aim is to create a sustainable diet. That means only consuming the calories my body needs and reach an optimum weight when my calories balance my calories out.

I know that just because I want to have a sustainable diet will not impact on the overall demand for food and that supermarkets and food producers will still make the same, if not more, products. But if we think like that about everything we will never make a difference. My aim here is to get the idea out there.

I want to apply my knowledge and understanding of sustainability to my life. I want a sustainable diet. I want a sustainable home.

I want a sustainable life.

Wow this post totally changed from what I originally intended it to be. I wanted to actually talk about sustainability with regards to work (I still want to do this), but this kept popping into my thought train and I went with it. I’m not sure how I’m going to do this, but I don’t believe I’m starting from the beginning.

I’m keeping it simple by starting with getting my fuelling right. I then want to look more closely at the food I eat and make changes to eat from sustainable food sources. I then look wider at behaviour, my home and the products I buy.This could be very interesting and I’m excited.

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