Am I Doing Enough?

This is a question that has kept popping into my head over the last couple of months.

In one way it’s helpful as it often spurs me on to do something I have been procrastinating on. Or it makes me spend a little longer job hunting or exercising.

But a lot of the time it is an unhelpful thought that brings my mood down.

The best way I have found to combat this decent into the dark has been to write my goals and then write what I am doing and my progress. This helps me pick out areas where I could legitimately do a little more.

So I thought I would share my latest list with you.

  1.  Change Job
    • Job Searches – Check
    • Applying for Jobs – Check
    • Following up on Interviews – Check
    • Networking – Area to work on (have asked my sister for advice)
    • Studying – Check
  2. Lose Weight
    • Exercising – Check
    • Food Journal – Check
    • Meal Planning – Check
    • Weekly Weigh In – Check
    • Journalling to reduce binging – Area to work on (make it regular)
  3. Get Fitter (To do Triathlon and maybe Spartan Race in 2013)
    • Swimming – Check
    • Running – Check
    • Cycling – Area to work on (make it regular)
    • Strength Training – Area to work on (joined gym and book PT session)
  4. Beat Depression
    • Doing the above – Check
    • Blogging – Check
    • Getting Help – Check
    • Making connections – Area to work on (overcome fear of socialising)

So am I doing enough?


I can tell right away from the list above I am doing multiple things for each goal that complement each other. But there are definitely areas I can work on to improve. There will probably always be something I can improve on to take that next step towards the goal I want to achieve, but I have to remind myself that I am doing enough at any given time.

It’s hard in those time we feel stuck to feel like we are making any progress. At these time it is important to look back at what we have done and see if there are areas where improvements can be made. Nothing big, but little improvements to adjust how you do something so that there is a bit of instant progress if you like.

I look at my list now and feel proud I have developed great habits. I know I am making progress on my journey. I don’t know my destination, but the next station will arrive for me to explore soon enough.

(I totally just laughed at myself for that last metaphor!)

So how do you deal with repetitive unhelpful thoughts?

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