The Importance of Sleep


Sleep is one of the most important things in my life – I don’t function at all without it. I need at least 8 hours a night and it usually takes an hour or so to unwind before that. So for me bedtime is between 9pm and 10pm and later than that impacts on the next day.

It’s annoying sometimes as it does impact on my decisions to go out at night; I would chose an early night over going out! But I know it’s best for my mental well being and physical self.

Why is it so important to me?

☆ I have struggle focusing and concentrating on anything without adequate sleep and feel extremely unproductive.

☆ I’m a grumpy person when I don’t have enough sleep and hate being around people – so basically not good company at all!

☆ I have little energy without a good amount of sleep, which impacts on my decisions with food and exercise.

☆ I get anxious when I don’t think I will get enough sleep, which makes me not enjoy what I’m doing.

☆ I crave caffeine and sugar and it can be a trigger for binge episodes.

☆ Self-doubt and negative thoughts increase exponentially, which leads to feeling extremely low and useless.

When I get enough sleep I feel good and ready to take on anything. I feel calm and collected and in control of my decisions and thoughts. I enjoy being healthy and being around people. I enjoy everything I do a lot more when I am aware enough to live in the moment.

I’m still on medication for my depression, but the focus of it is to improve my sleep. I take at bedtime and it really does make a difference. I am now getting off to sleep within an hour after taking it, which never used to happen. Occasionally it’s longer, but that is if I’m feeling anxious about something. I get caught in anxiety episodes when I am in bed. I think this is because y body is shutting down, but my mind does not want to and I am not being distracted by anything or keeping my mind occupied and that lets the thoughts I’ve been avoiding in. At these times the best thing for me to do is journal and get the thoughts out, but the medication helps take the edge off and settle down after.

It is also helping me sleep through the night and get better quality sleep which I can see form my Ki Fit. I used to get 65-75% sleep efficiency and now I am getting 75-85% sleep efficiency. I would love to see a 90% sleep efficiency one day!

I find it hard sometimes to miss out on doing things with my friends at night, but I know I would be stressed and anxious if I know I’m going to miss sleep and after for missing the sleep. It’s hard to explain to friends, but I hope that now I am accepting of it that when I do explain it to others they will respect it.

How important is sleep to you? Would you chose sleep over something else? I’d love to hear your thoughts as this is something where I feel I’m the only one.

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